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DIY Anthro Dolls

DIY Anthro Doll - Monster High Body and Littlest Pet Shop jumbo head

I love my Blythe dolls, but variety is the spice of life. I looked into buying my ladies some animalistic friends but WOW those Wonderfrogs, Hujoo dolls and similar are difficult to find in the UK and pricey! Ouch!! I’d rather put that money and effort towards my next dolly purchase.

The solution, as the title suggests, is DIY.

It’s actually very simple. There is currently a trend for plastic animals toys which can be taken advantage of. Basically, you take the head of a plastic animal toy and match it with body of a fashion doll of a suitable size. I’ve had some success with the following combinations. Both hybrids are attached at the neck using a short piece of pine dowling and No More Nails glue.

First up is this hybrid made from the head of a Disney Princess Palace Pets “Windflower” Talking and Singing Pet with a Bratz doll body.


palace-pets-talking-singing-pets-windflowerAnother successful combination has been this Littlest Pet Shop Deco pet head on a Pixi Punk body.
IMG_8952The flickr  LPS hybrids group has some really beautiful heavily customised Littlest Pet Shop hybrids for inspiration.

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