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Blythe Cupcake Hat – Knitting Pattern

A couple of months ago I decided that I NEEDED to knit a blythe cupcake hat for a swap. Luckily there are some lovely crochet patterns available for cupcake hats for Blythe. Unluckily I can't crochet to save my life. The only solution? Invent a pattern. So I did. Here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Purveyor Of Lost Things

I figured while job hunting is a good time to do a bit of de-stashing. As such I've opened an etsy shop Purveyor Of Lost Things It has a few…

Steel City

Steel City. I've been in Sheffield for a couple of weeks now. Limerick has nothing on this place. Here they make their own knives.

Shadows and Light

Tent Skeletons



Walking Around Bristol

CandyLand Swap

Amazingly super Blythe CandyLand Swap from hey9irlie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, with bells on. :-)

Spring is sprung

Lovely Blythe Necklace by bebopgirl1969. Received as part of a swap.

Fishy At The M Shed

Fisheye lens convertor at the M Shed

Harry Potter Tour

Harry Potter Tour highlights.

Candy Cars

Candy cars at the London Motor Museum

Doctor Who

A nice visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.


This is my brain on craft.  

Blythe Knee Socks – Knitting Pattern

Blythe knee socks knitting pattern. This pattern is pretty much a longer version of the existing pattern Sweet socks for Blythe by Jane Pierrepont

Emporium of Lost Things

The Emporium of Lost Things is a nomadic bazaar. It regularly moves from place to place, city to city, country to country. One week you might spot it around the…
unfinished blythe love bird dresses

For the birds

Blythe Blythe bird dresses in progress
Scooter lamps close-up


Beautiful Quadrophenia style scooters lying around at Get Smart Scooters in Bristol
Lace vintage dress remade and dyed lime green

Rock Out With Your Frock Out

Its amazing what you can do with a leg-o-mutton sleeve wedding dress, some thread and a little polyester dye.