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Two of a kind – Simplicity 1364

Simplicity 1364 is a re-issued vintage top with a boat (bateau) neckline. It’s probably one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever come across. So easy I’ve made View B twice.

Simplicity 1364

On the left is made from a Vlisco Dutch-African waxed cotton.This is a relatively stiff cotton fabric that really holds its shape. The second on the right is a linen fabric I picked up on a recent trip to London. This is much lighter and – like any linen tends to wrinkle quite quickly.

Simplicity 1364

I found the pattern ran quite wide on top. Even when I went down a size for the upper half the second time I still needed to add darts to the back to get a better fit.

Also even with the pattern lain out in front of me I couldn’t spot a single difference between the pieces or instructions for view B versus view C.

These minor issues aside this pattern is a keeper. It’s just so quick and easy. Also a really nice fit once the rear darts get added. I definitely expect to be making this one again.

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