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Scottish Tweed Jacket Frankenpattern

The body of a jacket and the peplum of a similar but not quite the same jacket… Oh wait…


IMG_8898 IMG_8901So this is what happens when you combine the top section of Burda pattern Sergeant Jacket 10/2013 #129 with the peplum of Burda pattern BurdaEasy Peplum Jacket HW/2014 #B
and then have to come up with some way to handle the fact that its turned out wayyyy to wide at the front – so you scramble to make a recovery by folding back the front opening on themselves to form lapels (even though that certainly wasn’t in the pattern) and sewing them in place, adding a hook and eye at the waist and pretending to everyone that this was definitely what you intended to do from the beginning.

90% planned, 10% improvised, 100% Scottish tweed.

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