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Repurpose a slogan jumper (don’t stop repealing)

Repurpose a slogan jumper - finished

I’m doing my best to reduce my consumption and avoid fast fashion. That said, sometimes something comes along that you feel so strongly about that you must shout it from the rooftops (and wear it across your chest).

The world turns, the people speak, tears and/or partying …and you find yourself with an item of clothing that is no longer quite as wearable or relevant.

Sure, I could have trashed it or given it to charity. Best case scenario it might have ended up as house insulation. That just didn’t feel right. It probably helps that this was a very comfortable jumper in the first place. (SOOO soft and squishy). Something more was required to keep this jumper (and hopefully it’s core message) alive. After a lot of Googling with limited success inspiration struck (or is that velcro stuck…)

Step 1: Grab your jumper


Step 2: Get yourself some wide format hook and loop fabric (aka Velcro)

Step the third: Place the soft side of the hook and loop over the original message and cut a speech bubble shape large enough to cover the original text or image. I just went free style with some chalk and then a scissors. Can you see where I’m heading with this yet…
Step 4: Next your going to need to cut out some letters. I found a random set of letters as an image on the internet (google image search) and printed them out. I cut out the letters I wanted in paper and used the paper as a pattern to cut out the same on some white felt and the hard side of the hook and loop.
Step 5: Using fabric glue stick the white felt letters to the back of the hard sided hook and loop letters and let them dry.

Step 6: Once the letters are dry they can be Velcro’d to your speech bubble jumper. There you have it, a fully customisation slogan jumper.



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