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From Instagram: Got my patchwork stocking finished on time. #craft #patchwork #nofilter #diychristmas

patchwork stocking

patchwork stocking

This is as simple as

  1. Do a google search for a sock shape and print it out on paper
  2. cut it out of the paper – now you have a pattern piece
  3. machine sew a batch of leftover pieces of fabric together until you have two rectangles that are slightly bigger than the pattern piece
  4. place the two pieces of fabric right sides facing one another, pin the pattern to them and cut out the shape – you now have 2 sock shaped bits of patchwork
  5. remove the pattern piece and keeping the two fabric pieces facing one another, sew around the sides and bottom of the sock
  6. turn down the top and hem
  7. turn the piece inside out, iron and embellish

Voila, you have a holiday sock.


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