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Yip Yip – Knitted

This delightful 90’s throwback to Sesame Street‘s Muppet martians is brought to you by Carissa Browning, designer of the Yip Yips Knitting Pattern.

Yip Yip Body

I didn’t have the correct weight yarn in my stash so I improvised. 2 strands of slightly thinner yarns on a larger needle worked just as well.

I started with the mini balls from the Caron X Pantone first and knitted with the 2 most similar orange-like colours in the set first.

(If that doesn’t make sense please see below to get an idea of how Caron X Pantone yarn works – 1 skein is actually 5 mini skeins)

For a more “gradient-like” look I swapped one of the two strands to another colour after knitting only half of the first mini ball (10 grams ). After that I kept knitting until one of the mini skeins ran out and then swapped to another colour. This resulted in one strand of yarn changing every 10 grams used.

By the time I reached the mouth I had used up all my Caron X Pantone yarn. At that point I raided my stash again and went with 2 strands of the lighter weight yarn Garnstudio DROPS Paris. First orange + pink, then swapping to pink+red. The tentacles are also from the Garnstudio DROPS Paris yarn. Each tassel/tentacle has 3 strands of yarn.

Yip Yip Eyes

I was to cheap/lazy to buy ping pong balls for the eyes. Instead I knitted up some suitably large white balls and sewed on some black thread for the pupils. I based the eye balls on the Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs Pattern shared by Mary Jane Mucklestone.

The knitting part was very quick. The only trouble I had was with fitting the lining. I found the instructions for the lining very difficult to follow. Also I didn’t even try to match the pattern gauge which didn’t help either. That said I’m quite happy with how it turned out. Maybe next time I’ll just skip the lining.

For more details on the yarn used please see this knit on ravelry.