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Fast-fashion label patchwork pouch

clothes label patchwork


The world is facing a fast-fashion epidemic. Less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new textiles and fibres ( Elle MacArthur Foundation 2017 ). This patchwork project is my small contribution towards recycling. I find clothing labels uncomfortable. Usually I remove these skin irritating blighters from my clothes the first time I wear them because of this.

clothes label patchwork - close up

clothes label patchwork - close up
Over the past few years I’ve been stockpiling the labels from my clothes. Once I had enough* tags I pinned them down on a piece of scrap fabric ( approximately A5 in size ).  I didn’t apply any particular rhyme or reason to the layout. Using my sewing machine I sewed the labels down with a mixture of straight and zig-zag stitch.  I did swap between white thread for white labels and black thread for black/gray labels because I thought that would look best.

Fast-fashion label patchwork purse

It was only when I had the rectangle covered in labels that I decided it might make an interesting purse. I pulled some scrap fabric and a zip from my stash and proceeded to combine the lot into the very basic rectangular zip-up purse you see in the photos above.

*enough = an undefined number of tags that I randomly decided would be sufficient to cover a single sheet approximately A5 in size.