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DIY Cowl Top

The image below for this DIY Cowl Top kept appearing in my Pinterest feed and eventually prompted me to sew up my own jersey version. I don’t know the original source of the inspiration image. A reverse Google image look-up suggests that may have come from this Serbian (according to Chrome) website here.

DIY Cowl Top

This may be the easiest thing I have ever sewn. No pattern needed.

To Make

  • cut two long rectangles of equal size from sweater weight jersey. If you are not sure of the width you can use one of your own t-shirts as a guide.
  • With right sides facing sew the side seams to one another while leaving a hole on the middle of each side seam for arms
  • Hem the top and bottom seams.
  • Hem the arm hole seams.

If you’ve got a sewing machine it should take less than an hour to make.

DIY Cowl Top DIY Cowl Top DIY Cowl Top

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