Create, Build, Engineer

Dino Plant Holders

It’s amazing what you can do with a drill, some toy dinosaur and a few succulents. As far as instructions go it’s pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Procure the following

  • Some hollow plastic dinosaur toys
  • Some succulents to fit in the dinosaur toys
  • A drill and a large drill bit of sufficient size to drill a hole into the toys
  • A table clamp
  • Some extra succulent/cactus soil to fill any remaining space in the hollow toy body.

Step 2: Table clamp the toy securely to a convenient table. Drill a hole in the the toy. Use caution and don’t be an idiot at this point.

Step 3: Pour some of your soil into the hollow inside of the dinosaurs leaving enough space to transplant your succulents into.

Step 4: Remove your succulents from whatever container they came in into the space of the dinosaur body. At this stage bring as much of the original soil as possible so as not to damage the existing roots.


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