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Cabinet Upcycle

Cabinet Upcycle

This TV cabinet could have been a write-off. The British Heart Foundation had it on sale for £5. With it’s dark wood veneer surface and missing back it was filthy, abandoned and grim. I suspect if I hadn’t spotted it there is a good chance it would have just ended up in a skip. Luckily (for me) I spotted it while looking for a new home for all my craft bits. The carving on the front “had potential”. I paid the lovely staff the £20 quid to have it delivered, gave it a thorough clean it, sanded it and painted it with this lovely “Jelly Bean” colour from Valspar/Pantone

The cabinet needed a good 3 coats of paint for full coverage. Total cost including the original cost, delivery, paint and sandpaper came to £31.00. A beautiful bright bohemian bargain where all my crafty bits and pieces can live.

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