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Blythe Party Hat Sewing Pattern

This is a very simple sewing pattern for a Blythe party hat. Simply print out the PDF pattern piece and follow the instructions below.


  • Small piece of fabric
  • Small piece of interfacing (I find fusible/iron on interfacing is easiest to work with)
  • This pattern printed out Click Here For PDF Pattern
  • Thread
  • Decorative ribbon or lace for edge of hat
  • Bias binding for hat ties


  1. Print and cut out the pattern piece. Click Here For PDF Pattern
  2. Using the pattern piece cut one copy out of the fabric.
  3. Using the same pattern piece cut one copy out of interfacing.Blythe Party Hat Fabric Pieces
  4. Iron the interfacing to the back of the fabric piece.Blythe Party Hat Joined
  5. Once the pieces are cooled trim any edges of the interfacing that may be showing through.
  6. Zig-zag stitch around the bottom hem of the hat using. Blythe Party Hat Hemmed
  7. Sew the decorative ribbon to the bottom rim of the hat to hide the zig-zag stitching. Blythe Party Hat Edging
  8. Gently fold the cone in half, right sides together and sew up the edge. Blythe Party Hat Sewing
  9. Trim off any excess fabric. Snip at the tip (will help improve the shape of the hat) Blythe Party Hat Trimming
  10. Sew the bias binding closed. Blythe Party Hat Sew Bias
  11. Turn the hat the right way in. Blythe Party Hat Unfinished
  12. Sew the bias binding to the inside of the hat hiding the edges from view.Blythe Party Hat Final
  13. Add any extra decorations such as pom poms, lace, fake spiders or anything else that catches your fancy.

If you notice an errors or hit any problems when following this tutorial please let me know.
Finally please take a picture and send me a link. It’s always nice to see how people get on.

Blythe Party Hat

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