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Sheffield walls and windows

Mad House

Sheffield Cemetery

A visit to Sheffield General Cemetery

Heart Shaped Lake

Carnival – Slide

Burghley House

I visited Burghley House over the weekend. The 'Sculpture Garden' the 'Garden of Surprises' were a treat. The house itself did nothing for me. You only get to see about…

Steel City

Steel City. I've been in Sheffield for a couple of weeks now. Limerick has nothing on this place. Here they make their own knives.

Tent Skeletons


Walking Around Bristol

Fishy At The M Shed

Fisheye lens convertor at the M Shed

Harry Potter Tour

Harry Potter Tour highlights.

Doctor Who

A nice visit to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Scooter lamps close-up


Beautiful Quadrophenia style scooters lying around at Get Smart Scooters in Bristol

Hospital of Gaunt





  Another Holga Lens Shot

Gothic Proposal

Crowne Plaza Manchester

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