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Craft - 1

Knitting == Coding

Yip Yip – Knitted

This delightful 90's throwback to Sesame Street's Muppet martians is brought to you by Carissa Browning, designer of the Yip Yips Knitting Pattern.
clothes label patchwork

Fast-fashion label patchwork pouch

  The world is facing a fast-fashion epidemic. Less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new textiles and fibres ( Elle MacArthur Foundation 2017 ).…
heart-flow weaving

Heart-flow weaving

This is a recent creation from a kit I purchased at the Sheffield Wool Monty.
Haul from The Wool Monty in Sheffield 2019

From Instagram: Great haul from #thewoolmonty today 😁 #ilovesheffield #nofilter #lmbl #craftshow

The Wool Monty in Sheffield

Bold & Beautiful – Knitting pattern

Bold & Beautiful knitting pattern by Cathy Carron Published in Short Story: Chic Knits for Layering Straight forward knit and pretty easy to assemble. Each side (i.e. the arm and…
Cabinet Upcycle

Cabinet Upcycle

This TV cabinet could have been a write-off. The British Heart Foundation had it on sale for £5. With it's dark wood veneer surface and missing back it was filthy, abandoned and grim. I suspect if I hadn't spotted it there is a good chance it would have just ended up in a skip. Luckily (for me) I spotted it while looking for a new home for all my craft bits. The carving on the front "had potential". I paid the lovely staff the £20 quid to have it delivered, gave it a thorough clean it, sanded it and painted it with this lovely "Jelly Bean" colour from Valspar/Pantone
Knitted Owl Hat

Knitted Owl Hat

Knitted using Owl Hat Pattern by Ruthie Nussbaum
Gran Jumper – Knitted - front

Gran Jumper – Knitted

Gran pattern by Dora Creadora I started with medium size but quickly realised it was running smaller than expected. I didn’t want to frog it and start again so instead,…

Feminist Junk Journal – video flip through

  A junk journal with feminist ephemera. Content sourced from various places including a UK Suffragettes replica memorabilia pack, feminist playing cards, adult comic books, a feminist dictionary, etc.  
patchwork stocking

From Instagram: Got my patchwork stocking finished on time. #craft #patchwork #nofilter #diychristmas

patchwork stocking
memory tassel

Scrap memory tassel

Over the years I've collected all manner of badges, patches, beads, bits and bobs. Small bits of tat and ephemera, they've sat around in the bottom of boxes. Every so…
Crazy patchwork purse – Sewing

Crazy patchwork purse – Sewing

This was a quick crazy patchwork project. I had a load of scraps of "fancy" burgundy and silver/gold fabric that I didn't want to throw out. Just about enough for…

Dragon Midori Fauxdori


From Instagram: African fabric Furoshiki

Furoshiki African fabric to make Furoshiki to wrap festive presents from Canadian to Irishman in the U.K. #weareinternational #moormarket #hopenothate
Cover of Fabric journal made with brightly coloured scrap fabric

Fabric twist journal

As part of a recent swap with the amazing and talented Lisa Goddard I got to try something a bit different. The idea was to put together a basic journal…
Repurpose a slogan jumper - finished

Repurpose a slogan jumper (don’t stop repealing)

I'm doing my best to reduce my consumption and avoid fast fashion. That said, sometimes something comes along that you feel so strongly about that you must shout it from…
vintage letter writing case re-purpose - outside finished

Vintage correspondence case Before and After

Before After
Handspun silky sky blue yarn on drop spindle


I'm working through my stash and I've finally gotten around to starting on the Silk Road sample/rainbow pack from HillTopCloud. This is the beautiful silky sky blue.
3 mdf laser cut uteri

From Instagram: Laser cutting fun at UoS iForge for next craft project #equalpay #genderpaygap #noceilings #iforge #universityofsheffield

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