Bubbles Visualisation

This is the fourth of a series of posts looking at each of the different visualization types created for the MeSch museum post-visit visualization tool. Click here for overview.

The bubbles visualisation is an abstract interactive illustration. A personalised character (similar to the personalised character detailed here) sits at the centre of a number of rings of bubbles (discs).

The number of rings is determined by how many perspectives were available at the physical exhibition. For example at the Atlantikwall exhibition in Museon in Den Haag it was possible to experience the offering from one of 3 perspective; a German soldier, a civilian and/or a civil servant. Therefore the bubbles visualisation for this will have 3 rings of bubbles. Read More

Word Cloud Visualisation

This is the second of a series of posts looking at each of the different visualization types created for the MeSch museum post-visit visualization tool. Click here for overview.

Continuing the exploration of these visualizations we now look at the word cloud visualisation.

The general concept of a word cloud visualisation is nothing particularly novel. As such it is a familiar way for users to interact with a site. The word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source. For this particular implementation the text content that the visitor is exposed to during their physical visit is used as the source.  Using only the content from the points of interest that the visitor experienced the text is split into an array of words, word frequency is counted, certain words are filtered out and the remaining are displayed in the word cloud. Read More

Personalized avatar using svg.js

This is the first of a series of posts looking at each of the different visualization types created for the MeSch museum post-visit visualization tool. Click here for overview.

Each museum visitor can get a postcard with a 11 character string in the format ABC-123-1234. This string is their unique passcode and can be used to access the digital post-visit visualization tool and view further information about their physical visit.

One of the many visualizations developed for this online platform is the somewhat abstract SVG character visualization. A unique and personalised character to playfully represent the visitor. This specific idea was proposed by a group of Sheffield Hallam University students tasked with coming up with various ways of representing museum visitors visit visually. Read More

Art Journal – What makes a house a home

What makes a house a home? Is it a nice set of curtains? Is it designer furniture? Is it having the biggest TV and hottest new technology? Having lived in 14 houses so far I know that none of the above are what make a house a home for me.

As part of her PhD my colleague Caro Claisse designed a kit, including a blank build-it-yourself laser cut house, to act as a canvas for people to express what makes a house a home for them. Read More

Atlantic Wall post-visit website

“The Hague and the Atlantic Wall: War in the City of Peace” was a museum exhibition which ran from April to October in 2015 at Museon in the city of The Hague, in The Netherlands.

The Atlantic Wall was a set of the defensive lines and placements that were built by the German forces during WWII along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea, from Norway to the French/Spanish border. The wall consisted of a 5,000 km long chain of bunkers, anti-tank walls, cliffs and other barriers and was aimed at preventing an Allied attack on the Reich’s Western frontiers.

This exhibition focused specifically on the Atlantic Wall in The Hague and the impact of its construction on the city and its inhabitants. Visitors were tracked as they interacted with the exhibition and once they had completed their visit they could visit a checkout point and print themselves a personalized visit souvenir postcard. Read More

DIY Cowl Top

The image below for this DIY Cowl Top kept appearing in my Pinterest feed and eventually prompted me to sew up my own jersey version. I don’t know the original source of the inspiration image. A reverse Google image look-up suggests that may have come from this Serbian (according to Chrome) website here.

DIY Cowl Top Read More

meSch Post Visit Website


The idea of allowing users to extend their visit is very popular with Museum officials at present. The meSch post-visit visualization tool was designed to explore how elements from an exhibition could be combined with information from a users visit to provide a personalized hyper visual interface. The hope being it would allow the visitor: Read More

From Instagram: Trying to find a way to put all this in words. #mesch #visualisation #postvisit

This image has been automagically pulled from my Instagram feed

From Instagram: Trying to find a way to put all this in words. #mesch #visualisation #postvisit Read More

Blythe Button Eye chips

Yes. Just like Coraline Read More

Weave a scarf in a day

Last week I attend a day class to learn how to weave a scarf in a day with Jane Huws in Sheffield.  During the class Jane taught a small group of us how to set up and use a rigid heddle loom. It was a lovely day spent taking with very interesting ladies and learning many Read More

Scottish Tweed Jacket Frankenpattern

The body of a jacket and the peplum of a similar but not quite the same jacket… Oh wait…

IMG_8897 Read More

DIY Anthro Dolls

I love my Blythe dolls, but variety is the spice of life. I looked into buying my ladies some animalistic friends but WOW those Wonderfrogs, Hujoo dolls and similar are difficult to find in the UK and pricey! Ouch!! I’d rather put that money and effort towards my next dolly purchase.

The solution, as the title suggests, is DIY. Read More

Easy Lace Shrug #80064AD

Easy Lace Shrug #80064AD by Lion Brand Yarn knitted in hand spun autumnal lovelyness. Details on Ravelry here. Read More

Folded Knitting Pattern

This is my finished version of Folded by Veera Välimäki

Details can be found here on Ravelry.

IMG_8808 Read More

Create Kibana visualizations and dashboards dynamically

If you’ve used Kibana, then you probably know how easy it is to create a dashboard via the GUI.


What you may not know is that it is also possible to create both visualizations and dashboards dynamically! It is as easy as making a curl request. Read More

Atlantikwall Android App

The video below demonstrates an Android App built for evaluation of Atlantikwall exhibition at Museon in Den Haag. This application has been built on the Ionic Cordova stack. The user first chooses language(Dutch or English), then perspective(Soldier, Civilian or Civil Servant) and may then watch videos for the various points of interest.

Read More

iStep in action

What is iStep

iStep is a web platform developed by Sheffield Hallam University as part of a larger European wide research project called Innovage. Its aims were to both promote and enable healthy, active lifestyles towards a reduction in levels of problematic obesity in increasingly aging populations. iStep stands for ‘Intergenerational Support To Encourage Physical Activity’.

The iStep tool was designed to allow a younger and an older person to form a partnerships and track their physical activity. Two people would pair up to form a dyad and compete against other pairs to complete a challenge. Users of the system could see how much activity they had done, compare their progress with other dyads teams, and work towards a series of collective goals, by logging onto the on-line iStep environment.

How does it work?

The videos below illustrate each stage of using the iStep platform. Read More

From Instagram: Blythe dinosaur dresses

Can’t say no to dinosaurs with top hats and monocles. #stashbust #blythe #danbo #justsewing

This image has been automagically pulled from my Instagram feed
From Instagram: Can't say no to dinosaurs with top hats and monocles. #stashbust #blythe #danbo #justsewing Read More

Blythe Lalaloopsy hat

Just received this beautiful Blythe Lalaloopsy hat in the post from Liv Adams. Read More

Conversion Pullover Knitting Pattern

Finally I’ve goten around to photographing some of the projects I’ve been working on these last 2 months. This is my version of the Conversion Pullover by Stephanie Lotven   Read More

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