Make vertical swipe scroll down in browser on Android

I needed to catch left swipe and have it force the page to scroll down in the browser on an Android device. Regular scrolling (up and down) needed to continue to work as expected. I’ve come up with the following working solution. I’m posting it here in the hopes it will be of use to Read More

Innovage iStep

The following links are related to Innovage WP4. Innovage iStep Test Innovage iStep Live iStep custom WordPress plugins on bitbucket Bug tracking for iStep Read More

WordPress – Enable compression – Leverage browser caching

It’s easy enough to enable compression and leverage browser caching in wordpress by directly editing the root .htaccess file. Make a backup of your .htaccess file before you do this so you can revert if necessary. To compress your web files add the following lines to your .htaccess file. Enable compression Compressing resources with gzip Read More

Buddypress – add terms and conditions to registration

I wanted to add a terms and conditions checkbox and link to the registration process. I tried the two main plugins (Agreeable and BP Xtra Signup) and found they were both buggy so figured I’d just go ahead and code it up myself. As this was to be added to the buddypress registration the hooks Read More

Buddypress add validation to custom field

So you need to validate a custom registration field in buddypress. You will want to be looking at the hook bp_signup_validate. The following code can be added to your custom functions.php file. [php] /** / * If the year of birth is two long – generate an error * * @global type $bp */ function Read More

WordPress – Add dynamic link to main menu

Let’s say your site has a main menu but you want to add a dynamic link to it. By dynamic link I mean a page that differes from user to user. This is most commany required when buddypress is installed and you need to add a link to the users profile page. This is not Read More

WordPress – Buddypress – Add tab to Group

So.. you need to add a tab and associated page to the BuddyPress Group single post page. I recently needed to do it for a pedometer plugin I’m working on. I created a new file in my plugin, lets call it ‘sins_plugin_bp_group.php’ and I added the following code to it. [php] function my_new_groups_individual_steps_page() { global Read More

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