Monster High Reroot

This is a Monster High reroot using fantasy dyed goat hair! The hair had a beautiful consistency. I sourced it from a Russian seller on etsy hairfordolls.


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Blythe Button Eye chips

Yes. Just like Coraline Read More

DIY Anthro Dolls

I love my Blythe dolls, but variety is the spice of life. I looked into buying my ladies some animalistic friends but WOW those Wonderfrogs, Hujoo dolls and similar are difficult to find in the UK and pricey! Ouch!! I’d rather put that money and effort towards my next dolly purchase.

The solution, as the title suggests, is DIY. Read More

Blythe Lalaloopsy hat

Just received this beautiful Blythe Lalaloopsy hat in the post from Liv Adams. Read More

Blythe raglan dress sewing pattern (Free Pattern)

A few years ago I modified some existing patterns into a Blythe raglan dress pattern. I used it a batch of times and then forgot about it. It’s been languishing in a pile of human sized patterns until rescued in a recent clear out.

This dress is unlined and features raglan sleeves and a cowl neckline. As with previous Blythe patterns it should fit both the standard factory body, a licca body and/or a flection pure neemo XS. Photographs below are shown on a flection pure neemo XS.

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From Instagram: Back in the office reading up on data visualisations @meschproject #makies

This image has been automagically pulled from my Instagram feed here
From Instagram: Back in the office reading up on data visualisations @meschproject #makies Read More

Blythe Faceup

Finally I have learned to do a Blythe faceup.
This was my second attempt. The first ended up looking … kind of mehh… so I decided to take things much slower this time. Going slowly made a huge difference. Watching this youTube video by Gisele Bianchini was also very helpful. It helped that if anything went wrong with adding the colour I was able to sand it all off in a few seconds.

These are the tools I’ve used: Read More

Blythe Custom Faceplate

I recently received a purchased a custom faceplate from Soyrina in Spain on eBay. I have almost enough spare body parts lying around to make myself a 4th Blythe/Blythe Clone. Just waiting on some eyes. Read More

Kewpie Pile On

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Faceless Minion

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Leave Your Hat On

LPS Blythe Head on Picco Neemo Body. An excellent suggestion curtsy of Kit_Kaht   Read More

Shadows and Light

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CandyLand Swap

Amazingly super Blythe CandyLand Swap from hey9irlie. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, with bells on. 🙂 Read More

Spring is sprung

Lovely Blythe Necklace by bebopgirl1969. Received as part of a swap. Read More

unfinished blythe love bird dresses

For the birds

Blythe Blythe bird dresses in progress Read More


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Blythe Halloween Spider


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Tardis on dashboard of car


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Evil Kitty

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