From Instagram: Ran out of craft projects so having a go at weaving for the first time. :-)

Ran out of craft projects so having a go at weaving for the first time. :-)

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Paperclay Doll Complete

Yes she is finished. Yes, she does look this creepy in real life. Well, actually, in real life, she looks even creepier. Read More

Blythe Faceup

Finally I have learned to do a Blythe faceup.
This was my second attempt. The first ended up looking … kind of mehh… so I decided to take things much slower this time. Going slowly made a huge difference. Watching this youTube video by Gisele Bianchini was also very helpful. It helped that if anything went wrong with adding the colour I was able to sand it all off in a few seconds.

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Crich Tramway Village

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Chateau Wedding

I confess it had been an age since I’ve taken out my camera for some proper photo taking practice and I was definitely a wee bit rusty. Luckily with a wedding this beautiful set in a chateau in the French hills some photos were bound to turn out OK, if only by accident matter how much alcohol is involved.


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Sheffield walls and windows

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Earth Mini

Why earth mini? Green, blue and white = the colours of earth from space. Read More

Om nom nom

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Mad House

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Spin me a yarn

With more than a little help from this youtube video I have spun my first ever yarn on a drop spindle. It’s over-spun, lumpy and short but I love it. Read More

The Goblin King Has Spoken

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Blythe Custom Faceplate

I recently received a purchased a custom faceplate from Soyrina in Spain on eBay. I have almost enough spare body parts lying around to make myself a 4th Blythe/Blythe Clone. Just waiting on some eyes. Read More

Kewpie Pile On

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Faceless Minion

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Leave Your Hat On

LPS Blythe Head on Picco Neemo Body. An excellent suggestion curtsy of Kit_Kaht   Read More

Sheffield Cemetery

A visit to Sheffield General Cemetery Read More

Heart Shaped Lake

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Carnival – Strongman

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Carnival – Tattooed Lady

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