Pussy Hat

PussyHat Project by Kat Coyle


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The Tramsheds S8 9AD

Our landlord and property manager of Colton House and The Tramsheds appears to have gone a bit nuts. He appears to have duct taped our neighbours car and left this in his own car window!!! There are currently a couple of places for sale and rent on both developments if anyone is looking for an Read More

OMG shoes!!

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Random old sketch of mine I recently came across. Read More

Blythe Destash on eBay – Ended

The eBay listing has ended and been posted to it’s new owner in Ireland. I am currently having a pre-Christmas de-stash on eBay for a batch of Blythe bits and pieces if anyone is interested. Read More

Purveyor Of Lost Things

I figured while job hunting is a good time to do a bit of de-stashing. As such I’ve opened an etsy shop Purveyor Of Lost Things It has a few dolly bits and pieces that I’m no longer using or have too many of. Some of them are things I made or picked up for Read More