Easy DIY Blythe stand from coaster

Make your very own easy DIY “stick it up your jumper” Blythe stand.

I have a mix of Blythe and Blythe clone dolls. Not all of them came with stands. Therefore I looked into making my own. The simplest solution I came across was the “stick it up your jumper” approach. Literally. You use a wooden dowel and stick it up the back of the jumper or dress the doll is wearing. The bottom of the dowel needs to be stuck in something to keep it stable for this to work. I currently have 4 dolls. I spotted a packet of 4 wooden coasters in my local T.K. Maxx (aka T.J. Maxx to those in the US or Winners if your in Canada). Serendipity fueled inspiration. Instructions below for how to make your very own easy DIY Blythe stand.

DIY Blythe stand

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Blythe Coraline Dress – free knitting pattern

This Blythe Coraline Dress was more than a little bit inspired by the movie Coraline. For the knitted up version of the dress shown below I was lucky enough to find mini skeins of hand spun yarn from a seller at Yarndale that had silver sparkles spun in! Read More

Lalaloopsy Free Sewing Pattern – Reversable Halter Dress

This pattern is for a reversible dress for Lalaloopsy 13″ dolls. I’ve been having difficulty finding any Lalaloopsy Free Sewing Patterns. One of the most basic patterns for any doll is the reversible dress. Alas my Google mojo failed to find me one sized for my LaLa. Oh woe betide. Armed with a ruler and my trusty french curve I battled for… well… at least a couple of hours. This war has now been won. Hopefully someone else will find it useful also.

Lalaloopsy Free Sewing Pattern Side 1 Lalaloopsy Free Sewing Pattern Side 2 Read More

Blythe Party Hat Sewing Pattern

This is a very simple sewing pattern for a Blythe party hat. Simply print out the PDF pattern piece and follow the instructions below. Read More

Half and Half Blythe Dress Pattern – Knitting and Sewing

The Half and Half Blythe Dress Pattern is a simple pattern for a half knit and half sewn Blythe dress, thus the name. It should fit Blythe and similar sized dolls.

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Blythe Cupcake Hat – Knitting Pattern

A couple of months ago I decided that I NEEDED to knit a blythe cupcake hat for a swap. Luckily there are some lovely crochet patterns available for cupcake hats for Blythe. Unluckily I can’t crochet to save my life. The only solution? Invent a pattern. So I did. Here it is. I hope you enjoy. Read More

Blythe Knee Socks – Knitting Pattern

Blythe knee socks knitting pattern.

This pattern is pretty much a longer version of the existing pattern Sweet socks for Blythe by Jane Pierrepont Read More

Lace vintage dress remade and dyed lime green

Rock Out With Your Frock Out

Its amazing what you can do with a leg-o-mutton sleeve wedding dress, some thread and a little polyester dye. Read More

Duck tea cosy

Maplecroft Duck Tea Cosy – Knitting Pattern

This duck tea cosy knitting pattern is very much a franken-pattern based largely on the Little Mouse Tea Cosy over at Justen-knits&stitches and Jean Greenhowe’s Rainbow Babies PDF pattern. Read More

Weekender bag

Amy Butler Weekender Finished

Yes it took time. Yes it took perseverance. Yes I definitely cursed Amy repeatedly. Yes its finished. Here are some things I wish I’d known before I started.. Read More

Knitted Russian dolls

Russian Dolls – Knitting Pattern

This is a free knitting pattern for a trio of Russian Dolls.

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