From Instagram: Ran out of craft projects so having a go at weaving for the first time. :-)

Ran out of craft projects so having a go at weaving for the first time. :-)

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Silk Slip – Knitting Lingerie Style

Recently finished this project using a couple of balls of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran weight yarn and less than a meter of almond silk. Very quick to knit up and relatively straight forward. I made the straps a bit wider than the pattern suggested and skipped the crocheting altogether. I’m not sure if I’ll Read More

Paperclay Doll Complete

Yes she is finished. Yes, she does look this creepy in real life. Well, actually, in real life, she looks even creepier. Read More

Burda 3/2008 114

This is the third time I’ve made this skirt to date. There’s just something wonderful about an item of clothing that has pockets that are actually big enough to be useful. The only difference to the original pattern is that I line the skirt. I find it hangs better with a layer of lining.

Burda 3/2008 114The fabric is the last of a 6 yard bolt of Vlisco Dutch-African waxed cotton I purchased in London a while back. Read More

Blythe Faceup

Finally I have learned to do a Blythe faceup.
This was my second attempt. The first ended up looking … kind of mehh… so I decided to take things much slower this time. Going slowly made a huge difference. Watching this youTube video by Gisele Bianchini was also very helpful. It helped that if anything went wrong with adding the colour I was able to sand it all off in a few seconds.

These are the tools I’ve used: Read More

Two of a kind – Simplicity 1364

Simplicity 1364 is a re-issued vintage top with a boat (bateau) neckline. It’s probably one of the easiest patterns I’ve ever come across. So easy I’ve made View B twice. Read More

Beekeepers Quilt Finished

Millions of hexipuffs, blood, sweat and tears later and the beekeepers quilt is finally finished. Claude Debussy said “Music is the silence between the notes.” I think the repeated pattern of absence of the hexipuffs gives this throw a little something extra. Plus I was able to get away with finishing the quilt faster 😉 Read More

Lampwork – playing with fire

Last week I got to try my hand at lampwork. If you’ve never heard of it before that’s where you get a blowtorch and some glass and introduce the two to one another. Now, when these two get together things get hot.. Very hot.. MOLTEN hot, literally. Read More

Vogue 8831

Vogue 8831 is one of the best patterns I’ve ever used. It’s one of those patterns that comes with different pieces for A, B, C, D: cup sizes and boy does having the right cup size from the start make sooo much difference. The fit is fantastic. OK, the finished result may not look fantastic, Read More

Leaning tower of hexipuffs

Collective noun for a number of hexipuffs… A beekeepers of hexipuffs Read More

Making doll with paperclay – the head

Making doll with paperclay - the head Making doll with paperclay - the head Read More

Making doll with paperclay

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Tips on sewing a leather handbag

My Grandmother was a paragon of style to the very end. If there was one thing she taught me it was to always carry a leather handbag. Even the most basic of leather handbags have become wildly expensive. Leather hide however still appears to be quite affordable. Sewing your own leather bag can be quite straight forward. Read More

Beekeeper’s quilt – The challenge continues

Beekeeper’s quilt. The challenge continues. I’m up to about 250 cute squishy little hexipuffs. Read More

Lalaloopsy Free Dress Pattern – Half and Half Knitting and Sewing

This Lalaloopsy Free Dress Pattern – Half and Half Knitting and Sewing is a simple pattern for a half knit and half sewn Lalaloopsy dress, thus the name. It should fit Lalaloopsy and similar sized dolls. For a similar dress to fit Blythe sized dolls please go here. Read More

Sew Magazine Jolly Santa goes techno

While at the Hobbycraft show in Birmingham at the NEC recently I picked up a copy of Sew Magazine with a Jolly Santa sewing kit. It’s cute but I thought it could benefit from some further brightening up….with LEDs

wearable electronic santa Read More

Sew Electric

Given the easy availability of sew-able electric components these days I’m currently having a go at wearable electronics.

sew electric Read More

Blythe reroot

Blythe Reroot

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Mannequin leg 2 – the bronze sequel

As a follow on to Mannequin leg Del Oro – Golden mannequin leg I have painted a second mannequin leg. This time i’ve gone with bronze. This leg was a bit more battered than the previous and needed a little TLC (a.k.a pollyfilla and sanding). I took about 6 coats of acrylic paint and now looks quite stylish (if your into gilded mannequin legs… which apparently I am.)

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Grrlfriend Market Bag

This is the third time I’ve knitted this one. I absolutely love this pattern; Grrlfriend Market Bag. It’s so much fun to see the looks on the faces of people in the queue at the checkout as they watch it expand and Expand and EXPAND as I pack my groceries into it.   Read More

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